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10 Ideas for Reusing Chandler Honey Glass Jars

10 Ideas for Reusing Chandler Honey Glass Jars - Chandler Honey

Do you always wonder “what can I do with all these leftover jars”? Don’t worry, we can help!

We are biased, but we believe that the Italian glass jars that Chandler Honey uses for our products are too beautiful not to use again. In general, glass jars are exceptional material that can be reused many times without damage. Here’s some inspiration to get as much use out of them as possible.

Why are glass jars better?

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Keeps foods safe when stored properly
  • Prevents the use of plastic
  • Can be easier to clean that plastic containers
  • Can be reused many times


1. Overnight Oatmeal or Chia Pudding

The Chandler Honey medium glass jars are perfect for overnight oatmeal or chia pudding. They are the perfect size and it’s opening is just enough for a spoon to fit through. Great thing as well is that you don’t need to clean out the honey, it can be a great addition as an ingredient!

overnight chia pudding for breakfast with a drizzle of raw and unpasteurized honey

2. Homemade Salad Dressing 

Forget the bowl, just shake it up in our honey jars! Chandler Honey’s Orange Grove and Cocktail Collection can be a great addition to your salad dressings! After finishing the jars you don’t need to rinse them out, just add the ingredients in and give it a shake.

 3. Homemade Simple Syrup

Similarly to homemade salad dressing, why not make your own simple syrup at home? Add equal parts warm water and honey (sugar works too!) and give the jars a few shakes. This is also our favourite way to clean the jars for some of our other suggestions.

4. Reusing for Food

Glass jars have been used by many people to store their food whether it is wet or dry. Using Glass jars for fermented food such as veggies and fruits helps to keep the smell away from your fridges and keeps the food from going bad faster.

fermented food made in reusable glass jars

5. Spice Jars 

Instead of throwing out your Chandler Honey glass jars, you can re-use them to store other spices! They would look great in your pantry and would make a great aesthetically pleasing kitchen addition!

glass jar spice jars aesthetically pleasing kitchen pantry


6. Homemade Candles

Are you a candle lover? Do you want to make your own scented candles? Reused glass jars are a perfect way to pour your own candles. 

making diy scented candles and reusing your glass jars

7. Garden Seed Storage 

As garden planters ourselves, we always find it hard to keep all my seeds organized and prepared for the summer. We always end up losing them during the winter season. After finishing our jars of honey, we rinse them with warm water, dry them up, and store our seeds inside them.

seed planters growing in glass jars


8. DIY Cosmetics

Do you make your own makeup or lip balms? Are you a DIY lover? Our 140g small jars are the perfect size! Chemicals are out, and DIY cosmetics are in! You can make anything you want using all-natural materials and essential oils you enjoy. You can also use some of our honey in your products. Unpasteurized and raw honey does wonders to your skin! It is packed with components that are beneficial for your skin. Psoriasis, eczema, and acne are the main skin problems that honey fights off. Raw honey also speeds up the skin's healing process.

9. Light Up the Sky

    Lanterns have become a booming must-have in your backyard. We have purchased some ourselves and hung them all over our backyard. They're great for parties and for when you want to hang out with friends and family under a sky full of stars. You can easily use our honey jars to fill them up with your choice of lights and make'em shine the night away!

    10. Fill it up at a refillery

      Do you purchase your oats, coffees, and teas at a refillery? You can reuse our glass jars to easily fill them up! You could store all types of dry or wet ingredients in glass jars

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