Lemon Cranberry Muffins - Chandler Honey

Lemon Cranberry Muffins

These delightfully light, gluten-free muffins are bursting with bright lemon flavour and tart notes of cranberry. Naturally sweetened with Chandler Honey's Cosmopolitan Honey, they are a beautiful balance between sweet and...

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Mistletoe Martini - Chandler Honey

Mistletoe Martini

Enjoy this festive holiday cocktail, used with simple syrup made from Chandler Honey. A fun tip is take a jar of honey that is nearly finished, add some hot water...

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Mocha Hot Chocolate - Chandler Honey

Mocha Hot Chocolate

Is it possible to have all the goodness of honey with all the soothing home-in-a-cup feels of hot chocolate? Absolutely! Hot chocolate does not to be sweetened with sugar or...

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Honey Mulled Wine - Chandler Honey

Honey Mulled Wine

Nothing says "here comes Santa Clause" like a jolly cup of mulled wine. I used to not like mulled wine, but I have found that the secret is adding enough...

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Zippy Ginger Lemonade - Chandler Honey

Zippy Ginger Lemonade

This drink is delightful on a hot day, but also is one of my favourite drinks to sip if I am feeling under the weather. These three ingredients are the...

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