Where It All Started

My story began in the small town of Scandia, Alberta, where I grew up. My parents owned the bee farm, and honey was the most important topic in my house as a child.

I learned how to take care of hives as a teenager, and I was always fascinated with the bees and how they communicated with their beekeeper. Learning to listen to them was always part science, part intuition, and part magic. This inspired me to make honey products as magical as the bees themselves.

Our honey products combine the white creamy honey that my family produces with unique flavour infusions. At Chandler Honey, we believe in quality, simplicity, and creating unique food products that everyone will love.


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Honey Journey


All of our honey is sourced from my family farm in Scandia, Alberta, Canada, where I grew up. My parents' company has been in operation since 1937, and we proudly produce 100% pure raw honey.

I have been experimenting with honey flavours for years, carefully adding the best ingredients by hand to the honey. Honey from the prairies is very dry and creamy, which allows ingredients to be added to the honey without needing any preservatives. This keeps our ingredient list short. 


The raw honey is added to our small-batch creaming machine and carefully creamed for 24 hours. This machine stirs the honey at a uniform speed, which makes the honey take on a smaller and smoother granulatio. This gives an even and creamy texture, without chemically processing the honey. 

From there, all our ingredients are added by hand and gently stirred into the honey. 

We then gently stir for 24 more hours, which allows the honey to be fully infused with flavour. It is then poured into jars by hand, with love added every step of the way. 

  • 100% Canadian honey
  • Infused with natural ingredients
  • Hand poured into glass jars from Italy
  • Always raw and unpasteurized
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency approved
  • From my family to yours

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