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About Chandler Honey

Honey has been in my family for generations, with roots to beekeeping since 1937. Chandler Honey takes the pride that my family has always put into our product, with a fresh twist to make it my own.

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Good Honey, Good for You

Raw honey is straight from the hive and has not been overly processed (unlike most of the honey you see on the supermarket shelf). Chandler Honey is always raw, just as nature intended!


Raw honey:

- has anti-inflammatory properties

- supports digestive health

- contains antioxidants

- is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

- contains vitamins and minerals

Single Source Honey

All honey is sourced exclusively from the Scandia Honey Company in Alberta, Canada, in operation since 1937. It is my family's farm where I grew up, and we have mastered our craft of beekeeping through the generations.


With a single trusted supplier, we can be sure our honey is raw and pure.


Our tightly controlled supply chain also ensures that our bees are happy and well-cared for. We love our bees!

Devilishly Good! My fiancé and I ordered the full bundle and we love having a cheeky midnight snack that involves this honey! We can't get enough!! ★★★★★

Jordan (Calgary)

Perfect tea pairing! Such a perfect flavour and consistency to add to any herbal tea. To-go honey everyday now (for real)!! ★★★★★

Alexandra (Toronto)

So good! I ordered the original and creme brûlée honey and both are very creamy with great flavour. The honey is so good I already ordered more for Christmas gifts! ★★★★★

Madeleine (Toronto)

I've been eating Scandia Honey for years, and I'm so glad to see the classic original creamed version available in these beautiful glass jars. Spreads like butter and melts in your mouth! ★★★★★

Marcus (Edmonton)

Since trying this creamy, light coloured Canadian honey, the liquid plastic bear bottles in the grocery store are no comparison. I love the premium packaging and all-natural ingredients with nothing else added. ★★★★★

Patricia (Las Vegas)

Fantastic product! Have tried each flavour and they are all amazing. Highly recommend!‎‏‏★★★★★ ‏‏‎ ‎‏

Chris (Vancouver)

"Enjoy" seems understated. At first I thought I needed something fancy for my new fancy honey. It was suggested that I should just enjoy it, so I slather it on my toast. Such a delightful way to start my day. Pretty sure, the next jar is going down with a spoon. Yum! ★★★★★

Stewart (Vancouver)

Where to Reach Us


Liberty Village

219 Dufferin Street

Toronto, Ontario, Canada