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Find Out Which Flavour Matches Your Personality

Find Out Which Flavour Matches Your Personality - Chandler Honey

Chandler Honey offers 9 infused honey flavours; from decadent and creamy to tropical and fruity! Take our Chandler Honey Quiz to see which flavour fits best with your personality. All you need is a piece of paper and pencil; you tally up which letter you circled the most and will get your answer

1. What’s your favourite drink?

A. Water
B. Mocktail
C. Lemonade
D. Coffee
E. Hot Chocolate 
F. Orange Juice
G. Mulled wine


2. Which movie genre is your favourite?

A. Comedy
B. Romance 
C. Adventure
D. Horror
E. Action
F. Musical 
G. Christmas Movie


3. Who’s your favourite Spongebob character?

A. Spongebob
B. Plankton
C. Squidward
D. Sandy Squirrel
E. Karen
F. Patrick Star
G. Gary


4. Which Taylor Swift album do you keep reaching for?

A. 1989 or Debut
B. Speak Now
C. Fearless
D. Reputation
E. Folklore
F. Lover or Red
G. Evermore


5. Who is your favourite Friends character?

A. Rachel
B. Chandler
C. Monica
D. Joey
E. Phoebe
F. Ross
G. Gunther


6. Which Disney movie is your favourite?

A. The Little Mermaid 
B. Encanto
C. Sleeping Beauty
D. Brave
E. Beauty and the Beast
F. Aladdin
G. Frozen


7. When wanting to snack, what would you reach for first?

A. Chips 
B. Gummy worms 
C. Oreo cookies 
D. Health Nut bars 
E. Dark chocolate 
F. Fruit cups
G. Cinnamon bun


8. Which cuisine do you like best?

A. American
B. Spanish
C. Indian
D. French
E. Japanese
F. Italian
G. Middle Eastern


9. What’s your zodiac sign

A. Cancer or Gemini
B. Leo or Pisces 
C. Taurus or Virgo
D. Scorpio or Libra
E. Aries or Aquarius 
F. Capricorn or Sagittarius


10. Which item would you take if your house caught on fire?

A. Cell Phone
B. Puppy
C. Photo Albums & Passport
D. Clothes 
E. Jewelry 
F. No need to worry, you have luggage packed and ready 
G. Wouldn't bother, I would just run


Which Flavour Fits With Your Personality?


Majority Fits Best With Your Personality

Orange Grove

F and A

Wild Prairie


Lemon & Ginger



D and E

Créme Brûlée


Piña Colada




Mango Bellini




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