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What is raw honey?

Raw honey has not been pasteurized (heated to a high temperature), ultrafiltered, or chemically altered. It is as close to 'straight-out-of-the-hive' as you will see anywhere.

Raw honey tends to have some naturally occurring imperfections, such as granulation and the occasional speck of bee products (such as pollen, propolis, or bee parts). 


What is creamed honey?

Creamed honey is raw honey that is given a uniform granulation through a gentle stirring process. No other processing is done to the honey. Creaming the honey ensures that the granulation stays controlled, keeping the honey creamy rather than clumpy over time. 


Why is this honey so much less runny than other honey I am used to?

Most honey on the grocery store shelf today is pasteurized and brought to a very high temperature. This chemically alters the honey and turns it much more liquidy. The pasteurization process also kills over any beneficial nutrients and enzymes that are in the raw honey, rending it essentially liquid sugar. 

If you prefer your raw honey to be more runny, please give the jar a warm water bath. 


What type of flavours/ingredients are infused?

As of launch, there are four infused flavours of honey and one 'classic' version with nothing added. We only add ingredients that are real and easy to pronounce.

For example, our Orange Grove Chandler Honey contains only raw honey and hand-zested orange peels from three different types of oranges. Our Créme Brûlée Chandler Honey only contains vanilla bean, cinnamon, and raw honey flakes that have had the water evaporated in the oven. 


Are you going to add more flavours?

Yes! We can't wait to add more flavours, and have some good ideas up our sleeves. If you want to suggest flavours, please email us at - we would be so happy to hear from you!


Why are there no preservatives in the honey?

Because honey has such a low water content, bacteria is unable to grow in the honey. Prairie honey, in particular, is very low in its water content. This means that there is no need for preservatives. 

Any ingredients we add to the honey are already 'dry' enough to keep the water content of the honey underneath the bacteria-growing threshold. 


How long is the honey good for?

Raw honey has been found to be good in Egyptian pyramids, meaning we think it lasts indefinitely! That said, we put a 'best before' date stamp with a shelf life of 5 years, at the suggestion of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. 


Where is the honey sourced from?

All honey is sourced from the Scandia Honey Corporation in Scandia, Alberta. My parents own this farm, and that is where I grew up. We would never source from anywhere else!


How do I correctly store my honey?

Please keep your honey at room-temperature and keep it safe and dry. There is no need to refrigerate honey, and it tends to make it too cold to be spread easily. 

To make the honey less viscosity (more runny in texture), give the jar a warm water bath. Never microwave honey, as it effectively pasteurizes the product and kills all of the good enzymes and bacteria. 


Why can't I feed honey to babies under 1 year old?

All raw honey contains enzymes and bacteria that may be too difficult for their little tummies to handle, leading to botulism in extremely rare cases. 


What foodsafe certifications do you have?

We are in good standing with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and we are looking into a HACCP certification and Kosher certifications. 


How does sizing work?

  • Small Size (140g) perfect for a sweet treat with a spoon, a gift, charcuterie boards, or drizzling on top of toast. 
  • Medium Size (250g) perfect for cooking recipes, dipping in tea or coffee, and savouring a bit longer.


Are my jars recyclable?

Yes! They are made of recyclable glass and the lids are metal. 


What is the nutritional information of the honey?


Why is the honey extracted in Alberta, but Chandler Honey HQ is in Toronto?

This is a good question, and the simple answer is that I love Toronto. My husband, dog, and all of my friends are here, and that's a good enough reason to be here for now :)